Brooke Pace

Marketing Analyst

Layton, Utah

“Mike has helped me immensely in my career and more particularly, in selling high-ticket investment packages.  He has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to sales, and has provided me with the tools I need to help clients buy $30,000 to $200,000 packages, all done over the phone.  It’s pretty incredible when I think about it, and without Mike it wouldn’t ever have been a reality.”

Matt DiBara

Fitness Entrepreneur

Los Angeles, California

“Working with Mike was a game changer in our fitness business model, especially with selling our high-ticket coaching products. Once I explained to him our biggest challenge with our leads and sales process, Mike asked the right questions and caught the issues quickly – there were some patterns and opportunities with our fitness company that we had been overlooking. We went back into our data and discovered that sure enough, Mike was right. The bottom line: thanks to Mike’s ideas, wisdom & insights – not only have we been refining our landing pages, our front-end ads, our website, and our sales process – we just launched a compelling new sales funnel. I feel total gratitude and appreciation.”

Becky Busath

Former Multi-Unit Franchise Owner

Dallas, Texas

“Mike’s sales & marketing knowledge is amazing. He knows what works and what doesn’t work – regardless of whatever industry you’re in. My husband and I spent some time consulting with Mike in person, and all I can say is not only did we learn a lot, but if only we had listened to ALL of his advice… it would have saved us a lot of money and frustration with our business. So take MY advice and let Mike show you how to take your sales and business to a whole new level – you won’t go wrong!”

Melissa Gamarra

Online Business Manager

“I’ve learned so much from Mike in the time we’ve worked together! Not only has he helped me create scalable offerings in my business that don’t require more of my time, but he has truly changed the way I think about high-ticket offers. If you’re invited to enroll into his High-Ticket Sales Mastery program, just jump in and go for it. I’ve taken A LOT of courses over the years and I can tell you there’s nothing out there like this. Mike is an extremely skilled teacher and has a vast knowledge of both business and selling. I highly recommend working with him and taking the opportunity to learn from a real master. He’s the real deal.”

Ryan L Jacobs - Financial Advisor

Salt Lake City, Utah

“Mike has defined what can be accomplished in living the American Dream. Not only have I witnessed him generate tens of millions of dollars in high-ticket sales over just the past few years, I have personally been involved with his making very smart multi-million dollar investment transactions. Mike just knows how to succeed in sales & marketing and as an entrepreneur. Several people claim they can help you close more high-ticket offers than anyone else; only one can be right. It’s Mike.”

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