High-Ticket Sales Mastery™

Revolutionizing Your Business by Scaling
to 7-Figures & Beyond.

Welcome to our flagship program where we personally take you by the hand on an 8-week journey and work alongside you – every step of the way – to the realization of your dreams. It’s your time.

From acquiring the high-ticket mindset to designing, pricing & delivering your high-ticket signature system. 

From attracting high-paying dream clients to conducting high-converting strategy sessions. 

From elevating yourself above the competition to making it all happen with high-performance execution.

a hands-on, Step By Step Proven system to scaling Your Business faster than you ever thought possible.

Mike Burnett Mac

8-Week Course Overview


Acquiring the High-Ticket Mindset

Unlock Your Sales Genius With the Mental Blueprint for Confidently Selling Your High-ticket Offers.


Winning In High-Ticket Sales With TRUST - the Currency
of the New Economy

Knock Their Socks Off by Instilling the “currency of Trust” – the Primary Reason People Will Buy From You, & Only From You, Over & Over Again.


Attracting & Keeping High-Paying Clients

Restructure Your Business With More Time & Money Freedom by Systematically Identifying & Attracting Ideal Clients Who Want Your Compelling Offer.


Implementing Advanced Sales Strategies That Work
Like Magic

Time-tested, Proven Strategies That Lower Resistance and Increase Buying Temperature in Your Presentations/ strategy Sessions.


Utilizing Effective Closing Techniques Without Being Pushy
or Salesy

Easily Get to “yes” by Giving Clients Unshakable Confidence That They’ve Made the Right Choice.


Elevating Yourself Above the Competition

Get Your Ideal Clients to Arrive at the Conclusion They’d Be Crazy to Go With Anyone Else but You… Regardless of Price.


Harnessing the Power of Success Stories, Raving Fan
Testimonials & Compelling Case Studies

Melt Away Their Concerns by Providing Powerful Social Proof With Success Stories, Raving Fan Testimonials & Real-world Case Studies.


Making It All Happen – High Performance Execution

Organize, Prioritize, Visualize & Actualize – Your Key to Succeeding in Designing the Business and Life You’ve Always Dreamed of.

[In The Final Stages of Development]

We are currently putting together the finishing touches on High Ticket Sales Mastery.

In the meantime, please apply for your complimentary strategy session with Mike Burnett. This is your opportunity to pick Mike’s Brain and extract the exact sales wisdom that led to 9 figures + in revenue.

Mike Burnett Mac

High-Ticket Sales Mastery™

Why Drag Out for An Entire Year What Can Be Realized In
Just 8 Short Weeks?

Through our proprietary accelerated implementation process, not only can we help you create the business and life you dream of 10 times faster than anything you could possibly do on your own – but we can help you do it MUCH quicker than any other program. 

Why keep struggling to create a business and life you absolutely LOVE – when there’s a clear path that’s proven to get those results – with a lot less stress, confusion and frustration?

It’s your time.

Mike Burnett Mac

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